National Happiness and Positivity Charter

National Happiness and Positivity Charter

The UAE Government believes that the achievement of happiness is a fundamental goal and aspiration for all nations, since happiness is a comprehensive approach to development and well-being and is a way to better life.

Happiness, furthermore, is an ultimate objective of the UAE government, which through its policies, plans, projects and services, is always committed to create a suitable environment for the happiness of individuals, families and societies. The aim is to consolidate positivity as a vital value enabling all people to realize their dreams and their aspirations.

The UAE Government works on measuring levels of happiness and is keen to achieve full and sustainable economic, social and environmental development in order to attain happiness and well-being of present and future generations. It also works to strengthen the culture of happiness and positivity as a lifestyle in the state, in line with aspirations of the society, its customs and culture through integration with various government, community and private institutions.

UAE nationals and residents enjoy high positive values and seek to constantly choose and achieve happiness for themselves, their families and their organizations. By this spirit, they push forward the socio-economic development and cultural progress, and stand as an example of a happy and positive society in the world.

The UAE government aspires to play a key role in international efforts to enable happiness and positivity, and to be an international hub and destination of the same.